Abra ant task


Defines an abra task to run under ant (in a buildfile). first define the task with

<taskdef name="abra" classname="org.ephman.abra.ant.AbraTask"/>

Then define an abra task as follows.


Attribute Description Value Type Required
classpathref the classpath to use which contains abra-tools Reference No (defaults to $CLASSPATH)
outdir the directory to generate code into String No (defaults to $PWD)
noClasses turn off class generation boolean (true,yes,on = true; anything else = false) No (defaults to false)
factories generate factories to go from object to sql database. boolean No (defaults to false)
validation turn on validator generation boolean No (defaults to false)
schema generate schema; use the argument as the schema file to generate in path is relative to outdir attribute String No
abraXmlParser whether to use the abra xml parser (defaults to false : using Xerces). boolean No
procs whether to use stored procedures if 'true' then use if other value use that for package name (if the db supports packaging). String No (defaults to false)
debugLevel How much should be printed about what is going on (mega | verbose | short | supress) No (defaults to short)

Parameters specified as nested elements



  <abra  classpathref="abra.classpath" outdir="${basedir}/java" 
	 schema="generated/family.sql" abraXmlParser="true">
		  <include name="f*.xml"/>

Copyright © 2000,2001,2002 Paul Bethe and Richie Bielak. All rights Reserved.