Optional add-ons to Abra

Abra allows plugins to operate on JClass/JField structures to generate whatever you want regarding the data-model.

To allow for that there are two options to implement

Generator will generate on the existing model with no new data involved the ClassGenerator is a 'Generator' as well as the 'EiffelGenerator' in the optional package.

GeneratorPlugin allows new data-tags to be registered and the data saved. That data then becomes available during generation 'ValidatorGenerator' is the only current example.

In either case to add a generator the 'generator' tag must be added to the map-file at the same level as the property/class nodes. example

<generator name="org.ephman.abra.tools.generators.ValidatorGenerator"/>
or to add a generator to override the class generator (ie Eiffel instead of Java) use a single 'class-generator' tag.

To Obtain

Currently only the ValidatorGenerator is included as part of the regular abra distribution. there is a separate CVS module 'abra-optional' which contains generators and examples/tests of those generators.

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